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As Southerners, we have a deep appreciation for our beloved hydrangeas. These beautiful flowers symbolize gratitude, grace, and beauty, and they never fail to impress with their abundant and generous blooms.

Luckily, caring for hydrangeas is a breeze, making them a stunning and effortless addition to any Southern garden. 

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about hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a versatile plant that can be found growing in various

regions across the globe. These exquisite flowers were initially found in marshes across regions spanning from southern and eastern Asia to North and South America.

Although it took until the 20th century for hydrangeas to gain widespread popularity in the United States, they are now a favorite garden staple.

In addition to their stunning appearance, hydrangeas are incredibly versatile.

They can be cultivated as bushes, hedges, or even small trees,

making them an ideal choice for various landscaping projects.

Georgia Favorites

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design with hydrangeas

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