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Big Leaf Hydrangea

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ORIGINS: East Asia

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 - 9

LIGHT: Filtered sun, Partial shade, Partial sun

WATERING: Keep soil moist but not soggy.

BLOOMS: Spring and summer


FLOWER ATTRIBUTES: flowers for cutting, long bloom time, repeat flowering, showy

MAINTENANCE NEEDS:  Mulch soil to maintain moisture and overwinter. If pruning is needed take care not to remove previous years new growth, only deadwood in spring. Slight susceptibility to bud blight, wilt, leaf spot, and mildew. Aphids are occasional problems.   

LANDSCAPE USES:  Accents or Group Plantings, BordersWoodland Gardens, Foundation Plantings, Hedges, Containers.

COMPANION PLANTS:  DeutziaDogwoodHosta

Acid Soils (low pH): flowers tend to be blue | Alkaline Soil (high pH): Pink flowers occur 

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Monrovia Seaside Serenade® collections:

"If you think you love hydrangeas now, just wait until you experience the exceptional performance and long-lasting blooms of a Seaside Serenade® hydrangea. The collection includes 9 jaw-dropping hydrangeas with big, showy, and long-lasting blooms — among many other highlights.

These new-and- improved hydrangeas have a more compact, bushy growth habit, sturdier stems, thicker leaves, returning blooms, and longer-lasting flowers than other hydrangea varieties. They are great on their own or in mass in formal gardens or as a focal point in containers. And their cut blooms are lovely in a vase." Monrovia

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